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Privacy policy

Privacy policy


Bionest collects information solely upon your filling in the request for information form, use of the extranet or when you contact us by e-mail or other means.

Bionest will not use your personal information for purposes other than those indicated in the present Privacy Policy statement without having obtained your prior consent.

However, Bionest reserves the right to disclose information regarding the users of its Web site in the following situations: to comply with a law or regulation, to ensure its defence in the event of legal action or to protect its rights or those of the users of its site.


Technologies Bionest inc. provides different means to securely contact them, via its numeric platforms.

If you contact us, you do so freely. No email communication is totally secured; we therefore ask that you do not transmit additional personal information, non mandatory, when you contact us by either available methods.


Technologies Bionest inc. and its affiliates make every effort to ensure all information on its numeric platforms is exact; it cannot however be held liable in any way for any error and/or omission which may occur upon writing, production or delivery ot this Web site. Without limiting the generality of the preceding, the integral content of this Web site is offered as presented, without any guarantee or representation. Contents is subject to change without notice.

Bionest is not responsible for any damage which may result of any action based on information in the present Web site,nor for any damage suffered following disclosure of personal or confidential information transmitted through via Internet.

Bionest is not responsible of contents of Web sites presented in the “Useful links” section of its Web site. Consultation of such sites is done at your own risk. External links mentioned in the present site do not constitute any recommendation and are presented for information purposes only.

Bionest will not pay any compensation nor indemnity which may be attributable to the use of the present Web site.


The Terms of use are governed by applicable Quebec laws. Any litigation regarding these Terms of use are governed by this Province’s exclusive jurisdiction, in the St-Maurice district.


Language used to produce the present Web site is French. It is the original version, which has precedence over any other language in which the contents of the present Web site have been translated.


The Bionest Web site contains links to external Web sites for which it does not manage the content. The external links present on this Web site shall not be considered as recommendations and are placed on the site for information purposes only. Bionest is not responsible for the information contained outside its own Web site and cannot offer a guarantee as to the accuracy of this information.

The present Privacy Policy statement does not apply to these external sites.


Bionest reserves the right to use “cookies” on its Web site. If you do not wish to allow Bionest to use cookies when you consult this site, it is possible to deactivate the cookie function on most browsers.


Technologies Bionest inc. reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at any time, without prior notice.