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In order to respond to the needs of construction sites and remote camps, Bionest has developed a relocatable unit adapted to northern regions and extreme climate: the BIONEST KODIAK.

The BIONEST technology is installed in containers allowing the units to be easily relocated, if required. BIONEST KODIAK systems can be transported by various means including truck, boat or even helicopter, if this is the only way to access the site.

In addition, the BIONEST KODIAK adapts the treatment based on the number of people using the equipment. No over-sizing is required as BIONEST KODIAK is modular and additionnal units may be added as needed.

Simple to install, operate and maintain, the BIONEST KODIAK system offers outstanding performance at a very competitive price.

Whether for work camps operating hydroelectric dam construction, exploration of oil sand deposits or mining, BIONEST KODIAK mobile units are the ideal solution for these major projects.

Zero environmental impact

In a context of sustainable development where environmental issues are increasingly in the news, companies must choose a responsible management practice. The use of BIONEST KODIAK mobile units prevents the felling of many trees, because only the space of each tank used is required for the site. During the dismantling of the site, the mobile treatment units will be removed and leave behind few traces of their passage.

Bionest offers the sale and rental of BIONEST KODIAK mobile units as well as a start-up and maintenance service for units.

A relocatable version is also available for temperate regions; learn about the BIONEST OASIS.

  • Modular system: the system can be increased as needed.
  • Stable treatment performance even during winter.