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A first choice solution for small communities

Whether for a residential development, a condominium building project or a resort complex, BIONEST technology helps simplify wastewater management while providing a higher quality of treatment. Our solutions offer unparalleled technical and economic advantages for both the user and the developer and/or municipality.

BIONEST system is versatile to match any size development, building or design flow. Ask for a consultation to customize your BIONEST system to match the desired application.

  • Maximize the number of lots in your project and minimize the area occupied by your septic systems.
  • Minimize pumping stations.
  • Choose a standard terrain due to a completely buried system.
  • Respect the environment and protect our rivers and lakes during development.

save money, save the environment

  • Low installation costs
  • Low operating costs and maintenance
  • Reduces the area required by each lot
  • No construction required; buried system
  • Discreet, attractive and requires minimum space
  • Suited to all types of soil and terrain
  • Superior performances
  • Protects groundwater, rivers and lakes

"In choosing our wastewater treatment system, we sought out the best-performing and most environmentally responsible system. The BIONEST system surpasses the most stringent government imposed standards and changes wastewater into environmentally-safe, reusable water, which will be used for landscaping irrigation. This will reduce the need to purchase desalinated water, but will also reduce the need for fertilizers, without posing any environmental or health risks.”

Mr. Rob Ayer, Managing Director of Apollo Developments

A reliable technology

Since its establishment, Bionest has installed 18,000 systems worldwide, in countries with the strictest standards and testing programs. 

Bionest has distinguished itself over the years by developing various products aimed at meeting and exceeding the needs of all types of establishments.