Legal notice

Legal notice

On this page the term "Web site" includes the Bionest Web site and all the applications it contains (extranet, mail system and all other related applications).
The present Web site is offered to users under certain General conditions. By using this Web site or any of its applications, you accept the General conditions.
This page states the General conditions under which you may use the present Web site. Please read this page carefully.


Each of the following trademarks is internationally registered and the property of Bionest Technologies Inc. They are used under license by Bionest Distribution Inc. in Canada and the United States of America, in Europe by Bionest France A.S.A., in the Middle East by Bionest Middle East Inc. as well as licensees in the Caribbean, in South and Central America:

  • BIONEST Inspired by Nature
  • BIONEST OASIS Green by nature

In addition, the following trademarks are also the property of Bionest Technologies Inc.:


The BIONEST technologies, processes and their use are protected under the EP 1 430 000 B1 European patent throughout the 27 countries members of the European Patent Office, patents 7 578 398 and 7 582 211 in the United States, 2 461 668 and 2 793 914  in Canada, 602197 in New Zealand and by patents pending in the United States, in Europe and according to the patent cooperation treaty.

The KAMAK water treatment system and method, as well as the water treatment reactor are protected by international patents.

Other rights

Bionest is the owner of this Web site. The content of this Web site as well as all of the applications are provided for information purposes only. Any information provided by any Bionest personnel or by a third party authorized by Bionest to provide such information shall take precedence over the information contained on this site. If you do not agree with one or more of the General conditions for use of this Web site mentioned on this page, please do not use this Web site. Bionest cannot be held liable for any damages caused as a result of the use of this Web site.


Bionest is not responsible for any damages resulting from any action taken based on the information contained on the present Web site or for any damage sustained following the disclosure of personal or confidential information submitted on the Internet.

Bionest is not responsible for the content of Web sites accessed through external links on its site. When consulting these sites, you do so at your own risk. The external links present on this Web site shall not be considered as recommendations and are shown for information purposes only.

Bionest will pay no compensation or indemnity related to any aspect of or attributed to the use of this Web site.


The information contained on this Web site is protected by property rights and its distribution outside this Web site must be authorized in writing by Bionest. Reproduction, in part or in whole, of this content (information, texts, images, graphics or other) is strictly forbidden without the authorization of Bionest. Bionest cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the non-authorized reproduction or use of the information on this Web site.

Bionest reserves the right to cease or interrupt the online activities relating to this Web site without prior notice. By using the present Web site, you waive all rights to any type of legal action against Bionest.

Bionest reserves the right to modify its General conditions at any time without prior notice.