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Bionest invests in France!

June 1, 2015

new bulding

Considering the size of the French market and the success of Bionest on the European continent, the company chose to make an important investment in its infrastructure.

improved services...

One of Bionest’s value is to relentlessly surpass itself to achieve excellence! And, to always better serve our clientele, Bionest has built a brand new head office in Toulouse for its French subsidiary, thus centralizing all of its activities. The company can therefore conduct all its administrative and manufacturing operations, its research related to the product certification process and carry out certain product development initiatives, specific to its market.

Close to major highways, this building of almost 1,220 m2 will allow Bionest to serve all geographical markets. This larger space will simplify the assembly of its technology pertaining to its product line or the preassembly of components for complex commercial projects, thus facilitating onsite installation.

ultraMODERN installations...

These new installations, ultramodern, offer a definite edge  allowing us to carry out research and development activities to meet the French market requirement. Moreover, Bionest will be able to perform necessary tests to meet discharge requirements dictated by the regulation.