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KAMAK : Aerated lagoons


KAMAKTM was developed in Canada and its design ensures treatment performances for the harshest northern conditions. Materials used provide a high resistance level to waves, winds and ice.

Biofilm growth on its patented media provide for optimal performance in cold waters, for carbonaceous degradation as well as nitrification.

The technology relies on its ease of operation and energy efficiency.

Floating biological reactors

• Modular according to lagoon geometry

• HDPE structure (weather resistant)

• Permanent diffusers = no replacement needed

• Contain BIONEST® media



The biological reactors act as the key element providing optimal treatment. Choose a system with low installation, operational and maintenance costs.


recognized product!

Unique across Canada, this innovative product, marketed as KAMAK, was recognized by the Ministry of Environment, Éco Entreprises Québec and the Québec Environment Foundation. The latter awarded Bionest the « Phénix de l'environnement », for developing and implementing a technology, a process and a product within an ecofriendly perspective, carrying positive impacts on the environment.

The KAMAK was also awarded the « Gustave Prevost Distinction». This prize, presented in March 2015 by « Réseau Environnement», recognizes Bionest for its environment knowledge, excellence, innovation and contribution in improving good municipal wastewater infrastructure management.

Increased treatment capacity!

KAMAK combines with your existing aerated lagoons without the need for additional infrastructure. New, more compact aerated lagoons provide for maximized space!


  • Combines the BIONEST technology with existing aerated lagoons

  • Fixed media

  • Unique throughout Canada

  • Enhances aerated lagoon treatment