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High Strength (BCM)

treatment of high strength kitchen waters

With its strong experience in domestic type wastewater treatment and through increasing demand, Bionest has developed a system for treatment of high organic load wastewater.

The BCM technology offers a robust, simple and economical treatment solution for high organic load wastewaters, such as restaurants and golf clubs.

The BCM system reduces kitchen waters’ organic load to that of domestic type wastewaters. The unit is installed at the grease trap outlet and treats only waters from the building’s kitchens.

The system’s functioning principle is based on aerated basins, an already proven existing technology. The high aeration level in the BCM rapidly reduces the wastewaters’ organic load (soluble BOD). Following this “pretreatment”, wastewaters may then be sent to the BIONEST system.

  • Proven technology
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Stable performance level
  • Compact
  • Simple and robust components
  • Adapted to load and flow variations