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Over the past 20 years, the BIONEST technology has been widely recognized as one of the most trustworthy solution in the domestic wastewater industry. The ZENITH product line is Bionest’s second generation of technology and improves upon their patented media by providing an even simpler treatment process while maintaining its reliable and robust features that made Bionest’s notoriety. Many configurations and model sizes are available, both concrete and plastic tanks to suit your home, cottage or business needs. ZENITH is engineered, designed, preassembled and ready to install based on a “plug and play” configuration. These compact and completely buried units are gravity fed and are also available in a more compact design with the pretreatment and biological treatment combined into a single tank, further increasing its versatility. These systems offer high quality treatment while providing carefree maintenance.

Tested and verified under rugged weather conditions, our ecological ZENITH solutions are consistent with Bionest’s strong commitment to preserving the environment. We are very proud to offer environment friendly, chemical free and high performance solutions for a clear, odourless effluent. Our time resistant media does not need replacement.


A septic system gathers all of your household's wastewater (i.e. sinks, toilets, shower, dishwasher, washing machine). Its  function is to treat wastewater while protecting your health and the environment. An advanced treatment system may be required to prevent ground and surface water contamination from pathogens and/or nutrients.

Bionest product

  • Simple, reliable and robust
  • Compact and completely underground
  • Permanent durable media1
  • Low operating cost
  • Year round or seasonal use
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Various configuration possibilities


The BIONEST media ensures optimal treatment. It promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms for increased treatment capacity while withstanding flow and load variations. The media does not need to be replaced.1





For more information, you are invited to contact Mr. Carl Gauthier, Bionest at 613 735-5203 (direct) cgauthier@bionest.ca or Mr. Ray Foster, ESSE Canada (our sales partener) at 519 429-1128 (direct) ray@essecanada.com


1 When used according to recommendations.