About Bionest

Give water a second life: a priority, a passion

Corporate profile

Bionest is a family business specialized in wastewater treatment. Our head office is located in Quebec (Grand-Mère), Canada.

Since 1997, we have been working on developing efficient wastewater treatment systems to solve two major issues related to our water resources:

  • Contamination of water basins and groundwater
  • The misuse of treated water

As a technology company, Bionest designs, manufactures and markets advanced wastewater treatment solutions that have proven themselves by increasing water purification to a level significantly above world standards.

The exceptional quality of the water treated by the BIONEST system allows it to be reused, discharged into the ground or into waterways, with no adverse effect on flora and fauna.

With over 50,000 systems installed worldwide, Bionest is well recognized in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, France as well as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Corporate profile