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Bionest containerized and relocatable solution

In order to respond to the needs of construction sites and remote camps, Bionest has developed a relocatable system adapted to extreme climates: BIONEST OASIS.

BIONEST OASIS systems are installed in container allowing the unit to be relocated, if required. BIONEST OASIS systems can be transported by various means including truck, boat or even helicopter, if this is the only way to access the site.

In addition, BIONEST OASIS adapts treatment requirements based on the number of people served by the system. No over-sizing is required as BIONEST OASIS systems are modular and additionnal units may be added as needed.

Simple to install, operate and maintain, with no permanent operator required, the BIONEST OASIS system offers outstanding performance at avery competitive price.

  • Converts domestic wastewater into clean odorless, reusable water that exceeds North American ANSI/NSF Std 4-, Class I.
  • BIONEST OASIS can be configured in many ways to fit the available space.
  • The units can be stacked two high to provide the smallest footprint possible.
  • Containerized units are custom manufactured, using epoxy-coated COR-TEN high carbon steel. These units are three times stronger than standard ISO containers, and are designed to be permanent or can be easily relocated.