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A Treatment System That Saves Water, Money and The Environment

Throughout the world, reefs and coastlines are under attack. Wastewater disposal is a growing social challenge for which Bionest has the solution. 

Islands of the Caribbean require special preservation measures to sustain growth. A high quality of life as well as the tourism industry increasingly depend on it.

Porous limestone bedrock, high water table and proximity to shorelines all pose special challenges for natural breakdown of septic waste. Moreover, life-sustaining fresh water is becoming scarcer every year. For years, the obvious question has been: “Why don’t we recycle?”

Now at last, we can. And we can do it with a system that is:

  • Low cost and affordable
  • Robust, reliable & efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Discreet with small footprint
  • Odorless, clear effluent
  • Pays for itself by saving water

To save money, some existing septic systems can be retrofitted with a BIONEST system. Discover more about BIONEST’s amazing simplicity and how it’s the clear choice for wastewater treatment.

“By recovering water, some installations have
paid for themselves in three or four years.“ 

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Over 50,000 systems are currently used worldwide in areas not connected to main sewers such as hotels, golf clubs, country clubs, holiday resorts, housing developments, condominiums, small townships, military camps and civil institutions.

"The Montreal Port Authority installed a first BIONEST wastewater treatment system with disinfection in October 2007. Just a few weeks ago, we installed a second containerized system at the Termont Terminal. This repeat order best expresses our satisfaction with BIONEST and its wastewater system."

Benoit Perrier, geo. M.Sc. Env., Environmental Advisor, Port of Montreal.

"We are very satisfied with the performance of the BIONEST system and particularly with its simple maintenance program."

George Heiss, Gray Monk Estate Winery, British Columbia, Canada