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High performance water purification

  • No replacement of expensive filtering medium. Worry-free synthetic, non-biodegradable media
  • Totally clear and odorless effluent 
  • Simple and robust system
  • Completely underground. Allows landscaping (native grass, low root, plants, etc.) or parking atop
  • Retrofits available. BIONEST can be adapted to retrofit existing septic installations
  • Adaptable for all types of containment: technology can be installed in concrete or fiberglass tanks
  • No skilled attendant required
  • System can easily be expanded to accommodate future increased capacity

BIONEST, a simple, efficient and durable technology

The BIONEST system is an advanced generation of onsite wastewater treatment systems. It is a biological process consisting of an extended aeration fixed film reactor.

Biomass (good bacteria) develops and firmly attaches to both sides of the BIONEST ribbon shaped polymer media. The high population of bacteria and the support offered by the media for their growth provide the reactor with an outstanding performance level and resistance to hydraulic shock (peak flow).

Unlike activated sludge systems which require daily sludge ‘wasting”, the extended retention time in the BIONEST system minimizes the biological sludge production. The BIONEST system is designed to ensure sufficient opportunity time for the biomass to remove pollutants.

The major portion of the reactor is aerated through linear air pumps and fine bubble diffusers, which provide turbulent conditions to ensure enhanced treatment. Multiple pumps are used to supply air to the reactor allowing for redundancy, thus ensuring continuous treatment even during maintenance or failure of one or more air pumps.

In the remaining portion of the BIONEST reactor, a high level of dissolved oxygen further assists in the oxidation process, in a calmer environment. This calm zone ensures that no solids escape the reactor and that the final effluent is extremely clear. The BIONEST system incorporates a recirculation loop that makes the system a multi-pass process bringing performance to a very high level.

To bring the treated effluent to a reuse quality, the BIONEST system can easily be used in combination with chlorination, UV or ozonation or any other disinfection means.

With such a high quality level of the discharged water, 100% of the treated water can be reused.


< 2 1


6,6 - 7,8 1


< 2 1

Total nitrogen

12,5 2


< 25

dissolved oxygen

3,2 1

FECAL coliform

0 3

chlorine residual 

not <0,5 after 30 mins contact time

  1. Results obtained during NSF standard 40 certification.
  2. Results obtained during BNQ 3680-910 certification.
  3. Results obtained with chlorine disinfectant.