About Bionest

Give water a second life: a priority, a passion

Research & innovation

Bionest employs a qualified and dynamic team who is working hard to develop new reliable products that are easy to install and surpass the most stringent environmental standards.

We invest considerable time and energy to stay at the cutting edge of technology. We are working to conserve water by developing efficient products that allow treated water to be reused.

Since the ’90s, Bionest has developed several products and technologies such as:

  • BIONEST and BIONEST SOLO - Advanced wastewater treatment systems
  • BCM - Pretreatment system for high charge wastewater
  • BIONEST KODIAK and BIONEST OASIS - Mobile treatment system
  • BIO-PUMP - Integrated pumping station
  • BIO-UV - UV disinfection system preassembled and integrated into the BIONEST system
  • Phosphorus removal system
Research & innovation